You may enter Video projects in the following Categories:


Whether you created a comedy, drama or horror film this category is for you. Create a short film that tells a compelling emotional story. We accept all genres of short films. Must be 13 minutes or less for submission.


It’s time to showcase your favorite news package in this competition. Tell the story through news or feature that explains the who, what, when, where and why in a captivating story. Must be 3 minutes or less for submission.


Capture the true moments of life and create a documentary that touches the audience through life stories. Must be 10 minutes or less for submission.


Do you have a vision for a song and want to tell that story? Share it by submitting your music video. All videos must cite the music used for copyright. Must be 3 minutes or less for submission.


Create a Public Service Announcement that reaches a specific group with a message that will change the group’s behavior. Must be 2 minutes or less for submission.


Create a commercial that is appealing and conveys a message that will market a product or a service. Must be 2 minutes or less for submission.

Entries will be judged based on the following key elements of video:

Writing: The story. Does the story contain a beginning, middle, & end?

Audio: Sound Effects, Overall Sound Quality, Music (cited copyright or royalty-free), general audio editing

Lighting: Color, Exposure, Balance, Intent

Cinematography: Camera Work, Focus, Composition, Various use of shots, and the Overall “Look” of the video.

Editing: Pacing and transitions.

Any entry exceeding the time limit is subject to a penalty per the judges discretion.

 ***Categories may be deleted or combined with other categories, dependent on the number of entries.  Sponsors will be contacted in such situations***


Entry Deadline is

March 6th

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Entry Deadline:

March 6, 2022